I’ve become involved with a church in Abilene and I absolutely love it.  The college ministry has transformed life after life and will continue to spread the gospel.  I’ve been serving with the media/AV team.  Every other Wednesday I walk to the back of the room and run the pro presenter (lyric slides).  At first, I groaned and didn’t want to do it at all, though I had volunteered myself, but after time I felt closer to God, I was worshipping in a way that a lot of other people don’t.  How cool is it that I can connect with God through running sound in the back of the room?  I think the BEST thing about doing my job is that I can stand in the very back and I can see the whole entire room worshipping.  These college students are drowning in God’s Word.  They are rejoicing through song, dance, shouting, laughing etc. just because they love God that much, and I get to see that.  I can’t explain how completely humbling it is to see so many people excited for the Gospel.

God is good.