Being Intentional.

Something that I’ve learned down here at a local church is that people strive to be intentional with one another.  It doesn’t matter if they know the other person or not, things said to them are said out of love and things done are done with intentions.  That intention is the Lord working through them.  Something I was introduced to down here is intentional shopping.  This is where we sit with one another and we pray and listen for words from God.  Some people may not get anything and others may get “purple dress” or “dog”.  It’s crazy.  The point is to go out and pray for people.  God put people on your heart for a reason.  He doesn’t want you to pass up any opportunity to spread his love.  This is not saying that you have to ask them if they are a christian, this just means that we are to show Christ’s love and just love on people.

Here’s a testimony:

Today we were intentional shopping and though I didn’t know if it was my own mind wandering or God actually wanted me to think these things, but I figured I thought of it for a reason and there is no reason to pass up an opportunity.  So I wrote down:
-Thin Mints
-Green apples
-Smiling Baby
-Sickness (Cancer).
We went to a local grocery store and walked around trying to find people that matched the description or people we felt we should pray for.  I immediately saw a man holding a green apple who had a smiling baby.  Though he didn’t have anything specific that we could pray for we just prayed a blessing over him.  It was nice.
We also encountered a woman with dark hair in a wheel chair (on someone else’s list) and we said a prayer for her friend’s son who has leukemia – CANCER.  It was just an awesome day and a great experience.

I encourage you to not neccessarly go out and intentionally shop, but if you feel God wanting to talk to you, don’t ignore it.  You could be making someone’s day. I also encourage you to be intentional with one another, don’t do things half-heartedly.  People can tell the difference.