Spring Break Trip!

I attended a Spring Break Mission Trip with a local church in Abilene, there we experience many things that I had never been exposed to before.  As stated in the previous post, we listened for words.  While on the bus ride we would pray and listen for words about the outreach, then we would write them all down and cross off what we had confirmed at the outreaches.  Things came like “someone that drowned in their life” or “accident from falling off of a horse” those crazy things were confirmed.  We got to pray healing and discernment over many people.  The Lord worked through us and will forever work through us.

It was encouraging to see how God will put a word on your heart and cater to that exact thing within a few hours, days, or even months.  It blows my mind each time and sharing testimonies was probably the best part of the trip.  I love hearing how the Lord is using others for His Glory.  I encourage you to continue to pursue Him whether you think He’s using you or not, because I guarantee what you are going through now may seem like nothing, but there is something God is doing in you or in others for the long run. Don’t give up, God is saying “turn around, I’m right here.”