His grace is sufficient.

As school starts back up, things get a little crazy once we pass the whole going-over-the-syllabus phase.  Relationships are renewed, mended, and even created as the semester blows by. Our roommates may begin to drive us nuts or maybe its our loud neighbors who scream and laugh at 2 am.  Whatever it may be, we soon find ourselves in a situation where grace is needed.  But wait… grace? or mercy?

I had an opportunity to speak with one of my good friends at Pine Cove this summer over this topic.  We seem to constantly interchange “mercy” and “grace”. He had shared an analogy of what the difference is, and it absolutely blew my mind.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!  He said, “When I was a little boy, I wanted a quarter to put in the gum ball machine, so I tugged on my dad’s sleeve and said, ‘dad can I have a quarter?’ and he handed me a quarter and said, ‘Because you asked for this I will give it to you, that is mercy.’ He then pulled out another quarter and handed it to me and said, ‘Here is another quarter, this is grace.'”

God gives us an infinite amount of grace.  He is crazy in love with every one of his sons and daughters and knows that we are going mess up daily, but he still says, “it’s okay. I still love you!”  Why are we so quick to snap at one of our friends or have a poor attitude about something when we have this free gift available to us everyday?  My challenge to you (and myself!) is to show grace to others, not because we expect something in return, but because our Father shows us grace and the least we can do is show others that love as well.

“that being justified by His grace we might be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”
-Titus 3:7