Starting Point

Lately, I’ve been having so much trouble digging deeper into the Word.  I feel like I’m not adequate, not worthy, not good enough, not smart enough to go deep.  This morning at Section Prayer (prayer meeting every Wedensday morning before classes), I realized something.  I realized that all of those feelings were a lie.  They were something that kept me from growing.  Upon realizing that, being prayed for, and talking to others about it, God revealed something awesome.  I was asking Him to show me SOMETHING (anything!!).  I’m pretty sure I was getting desperate.  What he showed me was what I was not expecting.  I was awaiting somethnig new and magical, but what I needed to be reminded of was the Gospel.  He was showing me that my flesh sucks, but God is so strong.  Everything is rooted from Jesus dying on the cross for my crap.  It blew my mind.

Then… I listened to this awesome song…. and it rocked my world.