Jehova Jireh – My Provider

So I’ve had an exciting week.  My great great friends are now engaged.  It’s so exciting to see a Christ-based relationship continue to follow what the Lord has stored up for them.  I just love it so much.  Also, I had to opportunity to take pictures for my friend’s local ministry, Breakdown Ministries, chech them out at, they are a local missions movement.  And now I’m spending a wonderful Christmas break in the gorgeous land of Hawaii.  It’s crazy where God has me right now.

I’ve felt like I’m not important, I don’t matter, and I don’t play a large role in the plan God has for this world, but in reality, looking back at what I’ve been doing just this past week speaks volumes about God’s mission in my life.  Now, I bet you’re thinking, “how does her friend’s engagement have anything to do with God working in her life?” Well, seeing as these two such an ecouragement with their will to follow what the Lord has stored for them, it is a blessing.  I spend so much time with them that their passion and fire for God is contageous.  I love that they are in a different season of life than myself because they are setting such a great example of what a healthy, Godly relationship is.  I am so thankful for that.

Serving as a photographer for Breakdown has certainly highlighted gifts that God has given me.  I tend to be “hard on myself” as my parents say.  I don’t think anything I do is “good enough”.  As I began to serve with Breakdwon Ministries, I learned that things don’t have to be perfect and to embrace what gift God has given me and to use it to glorify Him.  I found myself overwhelmed with encouragement through the awesome servents of Breakdown, how could I deny what gift God has blessed me with? I not only get to hangout with Jesus-loving people, but I get to serve them in a way that I absolutely love.

Being in Hawaii has completely taken me out of my element.  I’m on my own for 3 weeks.  It’s a time to get my priority straight, a time to reflect, and a time to remember that God is still in control despite what lies the enemy has spoken.  I’m spending a lot of time with non-believers and it has changed my perspective.  Usually, during the school year, I spend my time with brothers and sisters in Christ, but now I’m not surrounded with Christian community.  I now LONG for a lengthy quiet time.  I don’t juts do it because I know it’s a good thing to do.  I wake up and I want to do it.  I reflect on what God is doing and wants to do in my life and I honor Him as best as I can.  It’s funny how God works.  You would think that since I’m in Hawaii, I would be completely distracted, but really, it makes me realize how much I can’t do it on my own.  I need God.

Since it’s Christmas time, at the Breakdown Mission we got to hand out gifts to families and kids who can’t afford them.  Even Santa showed up to say hello!  What a blessing