Undeserving daughter pursued by a King.

Born and raised in a mostly Christian home, I’ve become pretty good at playing the role of a church-going girl.  Maybe I haven’t perfected it, but as I spent years as a pastor’s kid and a decade of serving at church, I’ve got it down pretty well.  You see, when I look back at my high school years, I had a lot of things handed to me.  My life was a routine of going to school, church, and working.  I knew God.  I knew the gospel.  I belived it.  I understood the motions of a Christian.  I was constantly pursued by Jesus, but didn’t pursue him back until I hit college.  

College.  Freedom.  To be out of the house, make my own decisions, and become my own person.  This is when I had to choose – pursue Jesus or become caught up in the unsatisfactory things of this world.  I had to pursue Jesus harder and faster.  God blessed me with community at school and church.  He surrounded me with people that asked the hard questions and truly lived out Acts 2:42-47.  Looking back, I’ve realized something.  My trust in God increased.  My faith in HIm was merely invisible before because I thought actions were enough, but as my faith grew my actions started to mean something.  

I know for a fact that Jesus has called me to serve in local missoins.  I trust God completely with where He will take me in the years to come as I start my life.  It is so satisfying to say that.  I have faith that the Lord will lead me to a broken world that I’ll be totally uncomfortable in in order to pursue His Kingdom.  And I’m not exactly excited, but I know He has a plan. 

Lately, I’ve been conversing with the Lord about moving out of Texas when I graduate.  Now, what I had been feeling was more of a New York, California place, but then I felt like he put Chicago, Illinois on my heart.  The second He did that, I shot back with, “YOU CRAY CRAY, NOBODY JUST MOVES TO ILLINOIS!!” And He answered with, “Exactly.” 

If that’s where the Lord leads me, then I’m content.  Why? Because what He has in store for my future is so much better than what I could ever imagine. Image