Shut up and do it.

So I recently went on a mission trip with my college group.  We went to the DFW metroplex.  At first I was a little weary telling people that I was going on a mission trip to Dallas.  The truth is, no matter how many times I’ve been told, missions don’t have to be out of the country.  After telling people how much God moved in Dallas, it became evident that though people need Jesus in other countries, the people of DFW need Jesus just as much.

It might even be harder to minister to the people around you, the people who have been covered by “Christianity” and religion their whole lives.  Why is it so easy to travel 1,000 miles to share the gospel when people living next door don’t know who Jesus is?  Acceptance. 

In our society, everyone wants to be accepted…right?  We buy nice clothes, talk a certain way, and aim to get the most followers on twitter because we want to be accepted. Guess what, if we’re striving to be like Jesus then why are we trying so hard to look like each other?  Think of the most “holy” person you know, they don’t even scratch the surface of how great Jesus is.  Rather than turning to each other, why don’t we turn to God?

To echo Jesus’ ministry means to go out and talk about your Savior like you actually love Him.  Yeah, I went there.  But don’t stop there!  Talking is one thing, but living it is another.  However, if you’re living it, then part of that should be talking about how in love you are with your Savior.  Right?  It’s convicting to me to read this, because I know that I struggle with sharing testimony or the gospel with people I’m with everyday because I don’t want to be labeled as the “weird” one.  But being “weird” is ten times better than fitting in and keeping this precious present to myself.

So, let’s stop making excuses.  And as my former youth group said, “shut up and do it.”