Living Uncomfortably and Loving Unconditionally.

Everyday I get up, get ready, grab my Kashi “Honey Sunshine” cereal, pour some organic milk (because that thing lasts for like 2 months) in it, spend some time with Jesus, and head to class.
Every week I go to church on Sunday morning, lead a life group on Tuesdays, go to section morning prayer on Wednesdays, head to our college service that evening, engage in a few discipleship groups on Thursday, spend some time in community outside of those events, and listen to a podcast here and there.  Wow. It’s almost like I have things handed to me.

Wait, what?  DId I just say that?  I’m incredibly grateful for what God has blessed me with in the past few years especially, as that is when my faith in Him began to sky rocket.  I am from Fort Worth, TX – bible belt, and I go to school in Abilene, TX – holds the title as the city with one of highest churches per capita in the nation. Wow.  That’s crazy.  Talk about being surrounded by bodies of belivers.  It’s really great when searching for a church because there’s one literally on every corner. I can probably leave my iPhone on a bench at ACU and it would be returned to me within a day.  I almost feel comfortable here.  Yeah, sometiems that’s a good thing, but sometimes God calls us to be uncomfortable.

A few posts ago, I mentioned the city of Chicago.  I’ve been constantly pursuing prayer over that city and the hands that are going to serve it.  You know, I’ve never gotten a word so clear to pray over somewhere I have never been or thought of before.  Chicago is a place where there is NOT a church on every corner, there’s gang violence daily, and I could probably not leave my iPhone out and expect it to be returned.  Not that the people are bad, the area is different from Bible belt, Texas and it’s a great thing.  Ever since God put that city on my heart, I’ve met a few people going there to be Jesus to those people.  CRAZY!  It’s crazy that God speaks and I don’t have faith that He will actually move, until He reveals these people before me. Stinkin’ lack of faith.  When really, I shouldn’t have been so caught off guard because we were all listening to the same spirit, and it all led us to the same place. Duh.

Jesus went out all the time to places that were “dangerous”.  If He stayed in the “bible belt”, people across the world would never have experienced His great love.  He intentionally tranformed lives and INTENTIONALLY went to the places Christ followers didn’t immediately want to go.

Now let’s think about it.  If I know a lot of stuff about Jesus and don’t put it into action, what’s the point?  Or vise versa – if I serve serve serve and I don’t know a whole lot about Jesus, why am I doing it? Jesus dove into the action, He didn’t stand by.  So why don’t we?  If God is calling you to live in Abilene, Texas, then DO IT, but don’t be satisfied in the things that are handed to you through a Jesus loving town.  Go out and do something.  Just because there’s a church every few feet, doesn’t mean every person in that town has a personal relationship with Jesus.  I think it’s great that people go to Uganda and Nigeria to share the gospel, but you know what, the United States needs some Jesus loving too.  We fail to remember that the guy at work probably doesn’t know the Lord and we probably don’t care to share the gospel with him because it would make things uncomfortable.  Right?  Well, if Jesus did it, and we should be modeling our lives after Him, then I say we should do that too – in love.

I was telling my parents that I might possibly move to Chicago (Lord-willing, or somewhere more northern) where there’s gang violence and very few are christians. Needless to say, my mom’s eyes screamed no, but she replied with…. “okay…….” The ending remark I brought to the table (and inspired this blog post) was, “Mom, why are you worried?  If God is calling me there, I’m going to go.  There’s violence, yes.  But I’m going to physically die one day anyway.  Why not doing it living for the Lord in an uncomfortable life style?”



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