The Craze.

Let me just tell you.  I’ve enjoyed the last couple months of summer that were full of weddings.  I had the opportunity to stand in and be a bridesmaid for a few of them and it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  I love seeing my good friends get married and enter into a new season.  Just when I thought I had finished the bridesmaid streak, I found out my brother finally popped the question to his now fiance.  Just in time to get ready for another wedding!

I love weddings. Why? Because they display the gospel.  Because they are happy.  Because it’s a memory that will last a lifetime for the happy couple.   Because it marks a new season of life.  Because it’s just exciting.  I enjoy seeing the groom as he sees his WIFE for the first time.  I love the energy.  I love the stress, the tension, and the success.  It’s so fun to me.  If you’ve seen 27 dresses, I feel like that’s my life.  Haha.

But you see, during this wedding season I have to be thankful for the time I’ve been given to be single. 🙂



And here are some cat pictures I took for someone….