This week has b…

This week has been one of those weeks where I get less than 4 hours of sleep a night, I run around all day, I’m extrememly anti-social, people probably think I’m on drugs, and my roommates question whether or not to charge me for rent. When all is said and done, by Saturday all I want to do is sleep, curl up into a ball, and release an enormous amount of emotions at the same time.  You know, like happy-sad-intense-scared-overwhelmed-dead etc. 

So, rather than make my roommates think I’m going crazy, I decided to watch some sappy engagement videos. BAH. Bad idea. I was pretty much bawling my eyes out.  Why? Well, let’s back up.  I blog a lot about romances and relationships probably because I am fascinated by them. God, however, put me in a season of a crazy schedule where I barely have time to sit down and be myself or talk with friends.  I feel strongly that God put me there because He wants to teach me to follow Him first, walk with Him, and not focus on anything else. Honestly, I don’t have time for a relationship with a person, so I need to create time for my relationship with God. 

So where this all comes together is… as I’m usually satisfied with singleness, I’m also at times really would love for God to orchistrate the perfect relationship for me when I want it (because I’m human).  However, just when I was getting that urge last night, I popped up these engagement videos of Kingdom couples.  This is what I realized.  I can WANT a relationship right now to satisfy my needs and be hurt in the long run, or I can wait until God completely plans something to be so much greater than I can imagine. Ya? Yeah. 

Go Jesus. 


Here’s a graphic I made for a t-shirt a few weeks ago. Image