life of a designer.

As a designer sometimes I feel inclined to go to Starbucks far more often then I should.
People at Starbucks are tutoring, laughing, dating, crying, stressing, dying, hating, loving, doing, etc.
It’s fascinating what kind of place can attract hipsters, christians, and artists within seconds.
Go to Starbucks. Get an upsidedown caramel macchiato. High-five the person next to you. Be nice to the Barista. Listen to conversations around.  Figure out if the couple in the corner is on a blind date or not.  Pretend to listen to music.  Actually listen to music.  Study. Stop. Stare. Make awkward eye-contact. Pay it forward. Fist bump the guy to your left. Cough a couple times. Take selfies on your computer. Dance to your own music subtly. Figure out if the girl in the corner is doing the same thing as you. Make up conversations for the people around you. Take in the coffee smell. Starbucks. My tribute to you.