Be Thankful.

My mom gets up. Sticks a turkey in the oven at the crack of dawn.  Dad gets up.  Bakes a pumkin pie. All while I’m still laying in my bed with a juice hangover. Not really, but it felt like it… I drank so much juice… Anyways, eventually I make some biscuits and mashed potatoes as my brother walks in and takes over.  It’s totally a family effort.  What a good day.  Though I wish things went as smoothly as it sounded above, but because we are a normal family, things happen that are out of the norm.  Like what?  Like the dog walked into my room to wish me a happy thanksgiving, he poops.  Or the mini fit tha was thrown in the kitchen.  Or the toes that were stepped on because of little comments.  Or tempers rising because of little stupid things not working properly is more like it.  Though things happen, I’m still thankful.

This has by far been the craziest thanksgiving weekend. Most of it has been spent in the hopsital next to 2 of my closest friends. Prayers have been lifted up, people have grown closer together, tears have streamed down faces, food has been cooked, and Christ has been the center of it. It really highlights the quesiton, “what if you only had what you thanked God for yesterday?”  Dang.  I wouldn’t have much.

This is one of the weeks that I’ve thanked God for every ounce of happiness, every second of my life, every little thing.  It’s been humbling but exciting.  I see things in a different perspective.  God is good.  God is for our good.  God knows what we are going through.  He’s got this. Pray hard.  Think impossible, but God will impress you when you least expect it.

also, i took cat portraits again…