Abide in Christ.

Today upon talking to two of my closest friends regarding the shooting in connecticut – the following thoughts raced through my head (most of them sparked by those two lovely ladies).

The buzz on pretty much all social networks have been about the shooting in Connecticut.  Why wouldn’t it be?  It’s a heartless thing to do.  Innocent lives taken away.  Kids who didn’t have the chance to do simple things like go to prom, learn to drive, or go to college.  Kids who didn’t know what their passion in life was yet.  Kids who had their whole lives ahead of them.  The amount of people effected by the act are countless and the amount of prayers sent over are an unfathomable amount.

Not only do we see posts like, “pray for connecticut” or “our hearts go out to the familes effected” but we see posts in direct regard to the shooter – the 20 year old guy who was described as a genius and quiet. There are so many harsh words said toward him.  The reality of it all is that we are no better than him. 

As my roommate put it – God has already forgiven Him.  We live in a broken world, but God still forgives us for betraying Him on a daily basis.  What this 20 year old guy did was no okay, but we aren’t any better than Him.  Just becaus we sin differently doesn’t mean we are better or worse than someone.  God came to save the innocent girl in that class room just as much as He came to save the guy that pulled the trigger.

Our world is dark.  Just hearing about all of these shootings in the past few years just makes me realize how much I’m failing to tell people of the best news in the world.  I’ve wanted to move to Chicago lately, but looking at the amount of shootings that have been happening there have nearly scared me out of it.  I’ve been leaning towards staying in Texas because of how comfortable I’ve become here.  How is that being honoring to God?  The people that need Jesus are all around us, but if the bible belt has 100 churches, why not go somewhere Jesus has called me to outside of Texas?  If I’m afraid of being in danger, where does my faith really lie?

We can complain about gun policies all we want, but the bottom line is: Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.
An easy way of showing people what love truly looks like is to point them to the Gospel. When was the last time you sat down with a stranger and showed them you loved them and also Jesus loves them? It’s been way too long for myself.  The love we show each other should be so great that there is no question it’s of Jesus.  Let’s revamp the way we truly love starting with the Gospel.

Also, here’s my new logo in the works. What do ya think?
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