Twitter is known for its hashtags. One of them being #singlegirlproblems.

Really, I don’t see how being single is a problem at all.  At this moment in my life, I seriously don’t have to time to be searching for my husband.  I want to live in the moment.  Spending time with my community for this season is something that is one of the top things on my list of priorities.  If my future hubs shows up, great; and if he doesn’t…. ain’t no thang.

I think so many people in college are wrapped up with finding a guy.  Any guy.  One that will like them and reach a few of their standards, but not fully.  Why settle for that when God intended for something better?  Do people do that because it’s college and we are “supposed to find our husband” then?  Well, that’s crap.  I love my married friends, I do.  I’m convinced that none of them came to college looking for a husband and then up and got married.  I’m more certain that they lived life, fell into God’s plan, pursued it, and got married.

You see where I’m coming from?  It’s not that it’s bad to get married in college – no, that’s not the point.  The point is that those single girls with problems should evaluate their situation and find their identity in something other than a relationship status.  Rather than search for a man, sit back and enjoy the things of this season.  If God hasn’t prepared a man to cross your path in this season then it’s not going to happen.  Now if we go out on our own and find our own person to pursue then it’s more than likely that it will not work out.

To the single girl, stop looking.  Quit your wandering eyes and sit still.  Can’t stop thinking about your future hubs?  Well, pray for him.  PRAY.  Because if you wait for a man that finds his identity in God, your family will blossom from that.  My prayer is that I am not introduced to my future husband until I am the woman he deserves to step up along side of him, and until he is the man I deserve to lead me to the cross before himself.

You see, man like that is not going cross your path often, but he will at some point and when that time comes, it’s well worth the wait.



Also, my friend got baptized this weekend!  Check out some fun pics!