Love God, Love People, and Do Stuff.

Skinny Jeans.
Thick-rimmed glasses.
Hazelnut Macchiatos.
A place cooler than Starbucks,
Love Does.
Bob Goff.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, has been my life for the past few weeks.  In between school, art, freelance, and schtuff, I’ve spend me week reflecting on Love Does by Bob Goff in preparation for his visit.

Finally the day came.  BOB GOFF CAME TO ACU TO SPEAK.  I might have been one of the three freaking out, but I didn’t care because I was really excited. The man can be described as  “the crazy uncle I’ve never had” or “a high-energy insane man”.  Well, whatever he is, it was evident that he had one thing on his mind – Jesus.

This passionate man told stories upon stories. He had enough stories to fill the hour dedicated to him at a forum, the 45 minutes following it where we were supposed to simply get our books signed, 30 minutes the next day in chapel, 20 minutes afterwards, and an hour following at LUNCH (yes, I said lunch…. as in we got to have lunch with the dude).

He kept saying, “Love God.  Love People. And do something.”

These words have been ringing in my head for quite sometime.  I love God, I love people, but do I do stuff? NO. Well, yes.  I do stuff. I go on missions trips.  I go to church.  I read my bible. Is that enough? No.

Everyday should be a mission.  Every moment of our lives we should be doing something.  So you want to go on a TOMS drop? Do it.  So you want to meet the president?  Do It. Bob Goff inspired many at ACU to do something.  My worry is that people will ‘do something’ for the next four weeks and then forget everything he said. We are a generation that does stuff for a little while and them let’s go.  Why can’t we continue doing that “something”.  Why do we move on so quickly?

Something to think about.

P.S. Here are some senior pictures I had the honor of taking for a friend’s sister!  She was adorable and so fun!