Being a senior in college only makes me want to look back at my last three years and remember what an awesome college experience I’ve had. I’ve been blessed by the ACU, HSU, and Beltway community primarily. I’ve had my fair share of late nights, awful classes, and dead ends, but my community has always been there for me.  I’m so thankful for what kind of amazing love they’ve shown me through out the few years.  Yesterday a huge chunk of friends graduated.

Not only did they graduate, but they’re leaving this small town to do amazing things. After a long battle with myself, I realized that I managed to muster up every once of selfishness and make their celebration about me.  I was focusing on how much I would miss them, what I would do without them, how my life was going to change.  God really convicted me about that.  Yes, I will miss them SO MUCH.  Yes, a chunk of my heart will be gone. BUT, I have to be way excited for them. Okay, I don’t HAVE to be, but I get to be.  They are all going out to amazing places making an awesome impact on the people they meet. I get to rejoice in knowing that they have all been raised up as Christ-like individuals and they are prepared to enter into this new season.

I’m blessed to spend the past three years with amazing people. I can’t explain how much each and every person has impacted my life. They are awesomScreen shot 2013-05-12 at 6.30.20 PMe.