“We are going to Questa.” The words my parents told me 10 years ago. Going to Questa, NM as a 10 year old meant fishing, staying with my parents, and endless amounts of wonder about this town that was apparently one of the most poverty-stricken in the state. Putting on the first VBS at First Baptist Questa (now known as Fellowship of the Parks Questa) was not bound by expectations, but required enormous amounts of faith and expecting God to work through every person involved.

Through the years, I’ve built relationships with the community of Questa.  I’ve seen kids learn how to walk, begin their awkward middle school years, graduate high school, and start college. I’ve also seen the hearts that were transformed from darkness to light, relationship with their Savior strengthen, lies of the enemy vanish, and God make himself known to that community.  However in retrospect, I’ve witnessed those same kids that raised their hand to accept Jesus fall into gang violence and illegal activities.

Needless to say, Questa brings about a whirlwind of emotions, but it just might be my favorite place on Earth.  

Year after year I’ve gone to this small town to show these kids what love means. It was up to God to work through me because in no way possible could I, alone, show them the love that they deserved. As the group from Fellowship of the Parks church ventured into the start of their 10th year in the city just yesterday, I’m sitting back in DFW, for the first time, over 600 miles away wishing I was in that church loving on that community.

Though I’m saddened I’m not hanging out with those kiddos again, I’m excited for what’s to come this week at VBS and for the rest of the year in that town.  Something I have to remember is that the God I worship and learn from here, in Fort Worth, TX, is the same God that will move mountains in Questa, NM.

If anything, staying back from what could have been my tenth year in Questa has taught me the consistency of the Lord. I have friends on mission trips in Uganda, Thailand, and Mexico right now.  The God that moves in those places is the same God that has been moving in Questa.  He is the same God that listens to my selfish prayers and watches over you and I daily. He is the God that works through those who let him and have faith in Him.

On a mission trip or not, we are all worshipping the same God. He will reveal Himself through His people wherever they might be. It’s our responsibility to expect Him to show up and allow ourselves to be faithful to His calling. Whether this means leading little kids at a Vacation Bible Study or starting up a conversation with the person you cross paths with at the grocery store. It’s up to us to be faithful, but up to God to show up – and I guarantee He won’t let you down.