i’m thinkin’ stripes.

This week I concluded my summer internship.  I had the beautiful opportunity of working with people who were passionate, talented and dedicated.  I couldn’t believe what awesome people I got to be around!  I would have to say that the team at Think Stripes definitely influenced me positively.  They work with such zeal and I they love people well.  I’m so thankful to have spent time working with them.  The following is in a format inspired by Brielle, the lead creative/ storyteller/ who i worked closely with/ awesome.

When I first arrived at Weld / Think Stripes I was so nervous. I walked in to a face full of creatives and happy people and I’m just in the corner awkwardly like

Then to top it off, Kyle Steed (talented designer and instagram celebrity)  just happened to sit right behind me.  Wow, If I wasn’t intimidated then, I was now! So at first I would just sit silently and be all

then it turned into

every time he walked into the room or his name was brought up. It was great. Really. It was.  Anyways, after I survived my first day (only to realize that I had a pretty cool internship) I pretty much left the office like

So basically every day I would walk in and I everyone would be working really hard on their computer.


Though they might have been working hard, that didn’t mean there wasn’t any room for fun. It never failed that by the middle of the day we would be laughing out tails off

So after 2 months of working with awesome people, doing crazy things, and learning more than I had ever expected… It’s pretty easy to say that I had the best internship of all time!