Last Semester

In light of my last semester in school, I decided to post a list of things I wanted to do in college that I made in high school. Much of this was based of articles upon articles online…. so I’m not original.

You’ll see what things I’ve already accomplished and things that I haven’t yet. Good news, I still have an entire semester to get through this list.

Hear an impromptu a cappella concert
Stay up all night (or really late) playing an intense game
Go to an open mic night
Get an internship
Take on a leadership role
Make new friends
Embrace poor college kid life
Host a hoppin’ party
Go to a hoppin’ party
Take advantage of free college things
Make a funny video
Go on a road trip
Don’t invest in chacos
Get a job

Go to a bonfire
Get something pierced
Play ultimate frisbee


Here’s an awesome picture back in the day when Kristen and I got to baptize an adorable girl, Anja.