Relevent magazine published an article with 11 questions every twentysomething should ask. See it here. I’m a twentysomething who is about to answer those questions. *skip down to question 10 and 11 if you want the short version*

1. Do the people I’m surrounded by bring me life?
Absolutely.  I’ve learned in my past three years of college that if I am surrounding myself with people who aren’t life-giving my actions and lifestyle is severely hindered. I realized quickly that I couldn’t constantly be around negative-minded people or constant complainers because I would quickly grow into that. My very wise boss at my past internship explained to me that if we surround ourselves with three people who we want to be like we would pick up qualities that they have. If we spend intentional time with them, slowly we see that their actions become our actions. Pick people you want to learn from and make time to hear their story or chat over coffee. 

2. Who inspires me the most?
So many people have inspired me and continue to inspire me.  To choose one (or two) my parents inspire me.  They work incredibly hard, dealt with two kiddos and still continue to support us. Words that come to mind are: love, joy, peace, patience (well, those just HAPPEN to be the fruits of the spirit….).
In design, Jeff Roger’s and Brent Couchman’s stories inspire me. They are hard working, Christ loving people. Each work incredibly hard and though they are some top notch designres these days they are humble. 

3. What are my favorite stories?
The article suggests to name some of my favorite movies. You see, I’m not much of a movie girl – my attention span doesn’t last that long. But I’ll try to name some anyways: Zoolander, Crazy, Stupid, Love, What Happens in Vegas. Apparently the theme is romance and surpassing arrogance. According to Relevent, our “core values are lying on the surface of our favorite stories”.  Not sure if my core value is humility, arrogance, or romance….. 

4. Would I want to live with me?
I would like to think I’d like to live with myself.  As it is, I’m rarely home and I can’t stand when my mess is left for someone to clean, so it rarely is. Of course, I’m human and I am not perfect by any means so I mess up time and time again. My roommates and I have often talked about why we mesh so well. It’s because we strive to over-serve each other. Each one of us will do the dishes in the sink if another is having a busy day or we are totally willing to share our butter if someone needs it. It’s the little things. 

5. Do I love from my insecurities or do I love from my strengths?
This is such a hard question because I offer attention to my insecurities way too often. For the sake of not feeling insecure, I’d like to say that I always love from the strengths, but honestly, I think I love from my insecurities more often than not.  I think that naturally my instinct is to love from what I’m strong in, but I want to be strong in so many areas that I’m not so that leads to loving more from my insecurities.  Wrapping this back around to question one, I surround myself with people who truly love from their strengths.  They care about other’s accomplishments much more than their own and are willing to celebrate them.  Just today my friend said, “if you need help with the things that I’m strong in, I’m willing to offer that to you. We should be collaborators instead of competitors. 

6. Where am I ripe with talent and where do I quickly deflate?
Talented in: layout design, joyful attitude, optimism,
Not so much talented in: drawing, anything regarding music, packaging design

7. What are my favorite hobbies/things I do for fun, and are they something I can leverage into a career or product?
Honestly, I’ve made design – which was once a hobby into something I make money for and I’m SO lucky to have learned that at an early age. Another hobby is writing. I like to write; however, I’m not so sure I would love it if I made money from it. 

8. What’s the main thing holding me back?
Focusing on my failures and what people think about me.  I over think situations all the time and I really should call it quits. There are situations when a group of people approach me and I simply want to disappear because I feel like I’m intruding. The sad part is, they usually come to me, I don’t show up to where they are. I would rather experience an inconvenience than become one (or think I would become one). Some people would call me a people-pleaser, others would call me crazy. 

9. What are my negotiables and non-negotiables?
 Negotiables: Willing to work however long it takes to reach the best possible conclusion, job flexibility, area of living
Nonnegotiables: career path as a graphic designer….. chipotle. 

10. What breaks my heart?
Many things fall under this category. Children who don’t know what a good home is hurts me.  The people who don’t know where their next meal will come from breaks me. The girl who lives for the next boy that will give her attention rips me apart. But most of all, knowing that I have God-given talent and not using it for the good of others breaks my heart the most. How could I sit behind a computer and do something I love without changing someone else’s life for the better? Whether it’s designing a t-shirt that benefits an organization or simple just delivering it to a person who can’t afford a new article of clothing. This hurts me the most. Because of that, I know that in my career path, i HAVE to design for a cause. The second thing that absolutely breaks my heart to pieces are children that require special education who are not loved the way they should be by their families and people around them. People matter. Ever single person. Each should be shown love. 

11. At 29 years and 364 days, if I have accomplished just one thing, what do I want it to be?
I would want to have left a huge positive footprint on my twenties. I want to change the world. Not for the sake of people saying, “oh wow leanne changed my life” but for the sake of someone smiling for the first time in a long time or someone chasing their dreams because for once they were given a chance. I would like to be that chance. I want to love for the sake of loving. I only wish to be like those I surround myself with daily. I wish to be more like Jesus.