Life. It happens.

This is my third update… TODAY (I’m going Brielle style on y’all). I don’t quite know what has gotten into me. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding homework. Don’t tell my mom.

We all like stories? So here’s a story.

I went to DFW for the weekend, spent it with good friends, and also spent lots of money. L-O-T-S of money. My mom has been notorious for saying, “Leanne, will you pick up dinner? OH WAIT, you are poor.” I’m always sure to thank her for reminding me of my lack of money I possess since entering college.

I take on a lot of freelance work during the semester so I can do what I love. As many know, freelancing doesn’t offer a steady paycheck. Mostly, for me, gigs roll in waves. I’ll have 10 projects on week andnone the next. It’s a blessing and a curse. At this very moment, I was in a dry spell. I had no new freelance gigs for a number of weeks – which means no money. 

OH, and did I mention that I sent out about 100 emails looking for work? Yeah, it was like I was invisible.  And every possible employer wanted me to know that. GREAT! They succeeded.

Needless to say, I was losing hope. Really quickly. After refreshing my email time and time again, and seeing nothing…. I was just really depressed.

Then today, just a few days after I fell into a slump of hopelessness. There was an email. Not only one, but two, and then another, and then ANOTHER. FOUR EMAILS. From people I hadn’t heard from in weeks! At this point I’m just really excited to get a new email.

Finally when I read them, they were job offers to freelance. UM WHAT.  One of which was a company that I just pointed to the other day and said, “They have beautiful work. I would L O V E to work with them.”

And that, kids, is a story of how God provides.