Call me Cali.

So California has been treating me well. To start this season of my life off, I’ve made of this of traits that I want to embrace as I embark on a journey into a world of people who don’t know me. 

1. Enjoyable
2. Fun 
3. Joyful
4. Intentional
5. Inviting 

So far, so good. It’s been hard, but fun. I learn to be patient with people when I would normally get frustrated, but it pays off in the long run. I’ve also taken a moment to write down at least one blessing each day. Even if they’re small. For the work week it looked like this: 

M: First day of work went well! 
T: Got some hugs from my little cousins before bed. 
W: Coffee with an ACU alum in the city; connected with a homeless woman, Patty
TH: Met a woman named Linda on the train
F: Several housing options to choose from 

You know, this whole blessing thing started because on Sunday, Fran Chan told us a story about how his friend wakes up daily and declares that whatever day it is, it’s going to be the “best day ever”. So I’ve began to think and live in that mentality by writing down blessings. It’s amazing how much we miss by going about our day with our eyes glued to our phones and a head phone in our ears. Take a moment to enjoy what’s happening around you. Make every day the best day ever.