Save Me, San Francisco.

A typical day:

6:00am – Alarm sounds, snooze
6:05am – Alarm sounds again, snooze
6:08am – Alarm sounds again, off, rolls off bed.
6:10am – Up and getting ready for the day.
6:30am – Put on jacket number 1.
6:32am – Wander to the kitchen, drink water, grab granola bar.
6:45am – Greet my little cousin who just woke up.
6:50am – Put on jacket number 2 (yes, two jackets).
6:57am – Put on boots.
7:00am – Leave for the BART (mass transit).
7:08am – Circle parking lot, avoid eye contact with people.
7:15am – Reply to the old lady who asks, “Is this train going to Daily City?”
7:17am – Get on the BART.
7:23am – Doors are closing.

At this point, I’m sitting on the Bart, watching. It’s usually quiet in the mornings and everyone’s eyes are half open. This is the point in my life where I can decide to either put my headphones in and lean my head against the window or embrace the mornings and people watch. People are weird.

8:12am – Montgomery Station, get off train.
8:14am – Pass the homeless man who yells at every twenty-something that walks his way.
8:15am – Reach the escalator, I can see sunlight.
8:16am – Pass the man with the “Anything Helps” sign, but refuses to accept my protein bar. Every. Morning.
8:25am – Arrive at the office.
8:30am – Work day begins.

Specialty’s caters our breakfast pastries, delicious. Someone in the office usually sends a random image on iChat or makes a comment about how everyone has been sick lately. Curse words float around like they’re going out of style. The sounds of typing, cutting of paper, and clearing of throats fill the air. It’s silent, but loud at the same time.There’s a ping pong table, kitchen, and booze. What more do you need?

5:07pm – Most people begin to leave.
5:08pm – Get invited to grab drinks with the crew.
5:09pm – Politely decline “this time” because I’m “busy” (or actually just poor).
5:10pm- The man a few computers down makes small talk with me because we’re the only ones left.
5:25pm – Pack up, leave.
5:27pm – Wave, smile, and say goodbye to my co-workers, head out the door.
5:30pm – Walk swiftly, keep head down.
5:40pm – Pass the man with the “Anything Helps” sign, again. Offer him the same protein bar, get rejected, walk away.
5:45pm – Get on the BART to Fremont.
5:46pm – Standing room only.
5:55pm – Still standing, debating on putting headphones in.

By this time, people are chatting and laughing. It’s a completely different atmosphere than the mornings. Sometimes I talk to strangers about their day or they ask me where I work. It’s a nice way to pass the 45 minute ride. Sometimes I just put my headphones in with the volume up and play Dots on my phone. Sometimes I try to guess where these people work, what they do in their spare time, and if they like dogs or not.

6:20pm – Finally, I can sit.
6:35pm – Arrive in Fremont.
6:38pm – Search for my car in the parking lot.
6:42pm – Find my car, leave BART station.
6:44pm – Figure out if I’m going the right way to get to my Aunt and Uncle’s house.
6:45pm – Assume I am and hope I get home.
6:55pm – Arrive home.
6:57pm – Dinner.
7:45pm – Get attacked my by cousins.
8:00pm  – Attempt freelance.
8:01pm – Regretting it.
8:02pm – Convince myself to do it.
8:45pm – Shower time.
8:57pm – Back to Freelance.
9:00pm – Answer a million questions asked by my cousins.
9:20pm – Continue Freelancing for just “10 more minutes”
9:40pm – Wonder why I didn’t just go to bed at 9.
10:00pm – Bedtime.

6:00am – Alarm sounds, snooze…

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