In Texas…

I find myself saying, “In Texas we…..” a lot. So here’s to Texas. Here’s to San Francisco. Here’s to their differences.

In Texas, we wear brown not black.
In San Francisco everyone wears black. Black boots, black jackets, black bags, black shirts. Just always black. In Texas, more people tend to wear brown. Brown boots are all the rage. Black boots are more of a rare occasion. 

In Texas, we can carry guns.
Did you know in CA, you can’t carry a gun!? Not that I carry one, but I’ve seen people with them and it didn’t surprise me. I found out that Californians cannot legally carry a gun through an incident on BART as I sat a few rows over from a man carrying a gun. The police showed up really fast. 

In Texas, we drink Dr. Pepper.
As we all know, Dr. Pepper is a love of native Texans. In San Francisco, they seldom drink Dr. Pepper. You know what everyone drinks?! FIZZY WATER. That’s British for Carbonated Water. Like WHY?! Gross! 

In Texas, we live in houses.
Try finding a house for less than a million dollars in the Bay Area. Good luck. Learn to enjoy the 300 sqft closet of a bedroom you pay $2,000/month just to live in the city. 

In Texas, we drink but not THAT much.
San Franciscans are all about drinking. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m just hanging with a different crowd. While that could be true, people still drink A LOT – which is fine, it’s just expensive. We have an entire liquor cabinet at work. If that’s not all, they also go out to get drinks (at least 3 rounds) almost everyday after work. I can’t afford that! 

In Texas, we recycle – sometimes.
While I thought I was pretty green for throwing my cans into the recycling bin, SF wins the award for being most green. Not only do they recycle, but they have something called “compost” LIKE WHAT IS THAT?! I had to learn, quickly. Basically they throw everything into the “compost” bin that isn’t plastic or greasy. There’s other criteria, but don’t ask me. I’m from Texas. Y’all, they throw used paper towels in the compost or recycling bin! Is that normal? I guess I’m just used to hating the earth. 

In Texas, we get free bags.
Just when you thought the economy was getting rough in the Lone Star state, come to CA. In SF, you pay for the bags you use at the grocery store. You know, those plastic ones! The ones we all use for trashcan liners! It’s 10 cents a bag – which doesn’t sound bad, but it adds up. Everyone buys these plastic, reusable bags and uses them while shopping for groceries. Not only is it weird at the grocery store, but I went to Chipotle, got my food to go and they charged me 10 cents for a bag to take it in! I learned my lesson… 

In Texas, we commute under an hour.
I would go so far to say that the commute in Texas stays under an hour for most people. In SF, people commute for all over! Some of them take ferries, a bus, and a train just to get to work everyday – that’s a 2 hour or more commute. Not to mention how much they pay to utilize public transportation. 

In Texas, we talk to strangers.
When people say “everyone is nice in the south” it’s not because people are mean everywhere else, it’s just because they mind their own business. In Texas, if I’m standing in line at the store, I’m likely going to make conversation with the person next to me. In SF, that’s not going to happen. We will stand in dead silence. Dead. Silence. Sometimes on my hour long commute the person next to me will strike up a conversation, but that’s a rare occasion.  At several s stores around town the workers have said, “you’re nice. You’re not from around here are you?” um what? What a weird question. 

In Texas, we get married early.
Simply put, very few are married or dating in SF. Why? I have no idea. 

In Texas, we go to one store for everything.
When you’re out and about in Texas and looking for groceries, most of us go to one store for primarily everything. Whether it’s Walmart, Albertson’s, Kroger, Sprouts, or some other place, we can get most of our things in just one or two stops. In California, it’s a matter of going to Trader Joe’s for produce, the farmers market for fruits, Target for snacks, and Sprouts for healthy things that taste notsobad. 

In Texas, we ride bikes but we don’t have bike lanes.
I was always afraid I was going to hit one of those bikers on the side of the road on those Texas streets. In SF, we have bike lanes. Lanes for bikes. How beautiful they are. 

In Texas, we go to church.
Now now, don’t get me wrong. Not EVERYONE goes to church in Texas, but it’s not abnormal to pass a few churches, work with Christians etc. In San Fran, it’s a pretty sparse population. 

In Texas, we have a few asians.
Hi, I’m asian and I’m from Texas. I’m pretty sure I have less than five asian friends. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something we don’t have a lot of.  In California, they are everywhere. They make up almost half the population! 

In Texas, everyone is from Dallas.
Okay, maybe not ALWAYS Dallas, but most people in Texas are originally from Texas. Let me just tell you, nobody is from San Francisco. 

In Texas, we drive trucks.
I don’t think I’ve seen one truck in SF. Gas is expensive and everyone loves the Earth over in the Bay Area. Electric cars are everywhere! Trucks are hard to come by not only because of how environmentally UNfriendly they are, but probably because it’s awful to parallel park! 

In Texas, we think we’re cool.
In SF, people are actually cool.