Stuck in the 90’s

Another day in the life of Leanne featuring 90’s pop songs. Here’s how it works. Read the blog, play the clip of music, laugh, share it (if you want).

Get your popcorn, be prepared for the 90’s flashback of your lifetime, and sorry about the youtube ads that might pop up… Here goes nothin’.

On weekends, I like to explore. There are times where I stick around Fremont and window shop, but most weekends I end up in the heart of San Francisco. You know, so I can get a feel for the city. See what it’s all about.

There’s a place called Union Square, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s where all those snazzy shops are! You know, H&M, Armani Exchange, UNIQLO, Urban Outfitters etc. However, if you wander just one street over you’re in the Tenderloin. A place that no normal person should be found. It’s probably the most dangerous spot in SF. Everyone is buzzed and in a different world.

It’s not abnormal to get a whiff of weed when you’re walking around. Now, I don’t do drugs, but the city life can get tough, I get it. Some people cope in different ways, though I don’t think drugs would be the outlet I would choose…

While exploring, I usually get pretty lost, which is a normal occurrence in my life. I think I’m going the right way, but I end up going in the exact opposite direction. Even with my GPS, I still get so lost. It’s like, I come to one corner and I turn left, then I come to another corner, I turn left, and then the following, I turn left again.

However, by the end of it all, getting lost and finding my way, I usually have a handful of pictures ready to show off on all of my social media outlets.

^LOL. not 90’s, but i just had to throw Nickelback in there… ahhahhaha. 

Finally, I somehow always make it home. Alive, without missing any limbs, usually. The weekends are always an adventure and it guarantees for a good nights sleep at the end of the day.