So you’re moving, are you?

Moving to San Francisco? If you’re anything like me, you’ve announced it on facebook 14 times, instagrammed pictures of moving boxes, and tweeted every thought that has gone through your head. Get excited, especially if you’re coming from somewhere like Fort Worth, Texas. Get. Excited.

I’ve no expert. I’m 21, graduated college, and moved to SF. But I can share with you what I’ve learned, seen, and wished I had known prior to moving to this busy city.

1. It’s not Fort Worth, TX.
It’s also not Los Angeles. It’s San Francisco, CA. – The NYC of California.

2. You’re not getting an apartment that quickly. 
Don’t expect to show up, find decent sized place, and pay less than $2,000/month. Get a roommate.

3. People are high-fashion.
Your Cowboy boots, country-fied blonde hair, and southern style won’t find it’s home here. But black, oversized, long shirts and leather tights will.

4. Smoking, it’s bad for you. 
Lots of people smoke. Lots of people also have the courage to stand up to you about how you shouldn’t because they are all health freaks. I’ve seen this happen at least 5 times. Just be aware!

5. Don’t be the girl on their phone while riding public transit. 
We all hate you.

6. Expect traffic. 
Leave early. SF is only seven-by-seven square miles, but it will take you over an hour to get from one end to the other during the weekends.

7. People make fun of Texans. 
It’s true. Your country music is not the norm. Your love for Dr. Pepper is not recognized. And TX BBQ is hard to come by.

8. It will test your faith. 
Christianity is not the norm in SF. You can ask 10 different people what they believe in and you will get 10 different answers.

9. Making friends is hard to do. 
Any time you move, this is true. Unless it’s college. Then it’s not that hard because everyone wants a friend!

10. People are career minded. 
Yup, especially the young ones.

11. Are you so excited to go to the beach?!?!
Too bad it’s rarely nice enough to get in the water. San Francisco is chilly. All year round. Get a load of winter clothes, because it’s cold and foggy all the time. Go to the beach, but don’t expect to get a tan. Don’t get me wrong, there are about 5 days in the year that are perfect tanning weather…. 

12. Get ready for adventure.
Because there’s always something to do. Just be prepared to spend some money.