one year.

I wrote this about 1 year ago. Read.

I wrote it with no idea what my life would look like after college. I wrote it just before I went to NYC for a week to meet with the world’s top designers. I wrote it prior to my interview with my dream job (internship). I wrote it not knowing if I could make it in the “real world.”

Here’s what has happened in a span of one year. I had no idea any of this was going to happen when I wrote that blog post a year ago, but I’m excited to share with you some pretty cool moments I’ve had (career / design wise). It’s cool to see that nothing went to the plan I had for my future… or lack there of.

I met Michael Beirut. That’s amazing. He’s amazing. He’s one of the world’s best current day designers.

I saw Paula Scher…  didn’t talk to her… but I saw her… She’s one of the world’s best current  day designers.

I ate lunch with Kelli Anderson, Dana Tanamachi, and Jeff Rogers. They are all inspirations.

I was offered my dream internship at Spotco.

I declined it.

I was offered my dream internship a second time at Spotco in the middle of the summer.

I declined it again.

I worked at Weld / Think Stripes for the summer with some of the greatest people ever.

I then went on to talk to Bonnie Seigler, named on the list of 50 most influential designers, who showed interest in my work. Nothing came out of it, but she expressed that if they had a spot open at Eight and a Half, I would be on the list to call.

I got my first real job offer at a firm in New York.

I declined my first real job offer at a firm in New York.

I thought I would never get any other job offer again and I’d be unemployed for the rest of my life.

I landed a freelance gig with an amazing inforgraphics company in CA.

I totally bombed it. It was awful.

I somehow got a handful of job offers all within a few months.

I somehow declined them all.

I interviewed at Fossil, where I really wanted to work. Then realized it wasn’t the place for me.

I landed a job in DFW. Where the offer stood as, “well, if you don’t have another job, you are always welcome here.” Which was a nice thing to have.

I met Jeff Sheldon, creator and owner of Ugmonk.

I held a conversation with Patrick Mahoney, creative director of Mars Hill Church.

I got to hear Lotta Nieminen speak. Her work is amazing.

Kyle Steed recognized me when I saw him at a conference. I almost passed out. So we’re pretty much friends, right?

During Thanksgiving break, Turner Duckworth emailed and said they wanted to interview.

I interviewed with one of the best, if not the best, packaging and design agencies in the world.

I thought I bombed it (you can ask my roommates).

I’m pretty sure I almost started crying during the interview.

The week of graduation I was offered the internship at TD and took it right off the bat.

I couldn’t even share the news with anyone because I was in the art building finishing my final project… all by myself. My parents were on their way home from Germany so I couldn’t even tell them right away. Finally, Levi, one of my classmates walked in and I, very loudly, shared the news with him. Probably freaked him out. Whatever.

I moved to San Francisco.

I work at Turner Duckworth.

I design stuff for crazy brands.

I also make a lot of clipping masks in photoshop.

I realize how much I don’t know about design.

My future is still as clear as the muddy water next to the art building. I’m one year older and I still don’t know what’s going on. I know that I somehow landed an internship in SF. I’m still as lost as I was as a student, if not more, in this world of intense design. I pay rent that’s twice as much as my rent in Abilene. I don’t have a car. I have to do this thing called “budgeting” I have to learn how to make friends again.

I’m 21 years old and yes, I still like my cereal dry.

Photo on 3-8-14 at 7.19 PM #2