Lyft your spirits.

The conversations I have with the Lyft and Uber drivers are amazing.

March 3
Driver: It’s Monday. How was your Monday?
Me: It was wonderful. I didn’t die on the bus, so that make for a good day.
Driver: Is that why you call Uber? To avoid dying on the bus?
Me: Yes.
Driver: Smart girl.

March 9
Driver: So where are you from?
Me: Texas.
Driver: OH AUSTIN, TX?
Me: No, Fort Worth… DFW area.
Driver: So is that near Austin?
Me: Nope.
Driver: Did you go to Austin a lot?
Me: A few times.
Driver: Did you like it?
Me: Yeah, it was fun.
Driver: I love Austin.
Me: Never would have guessed. Why?
Driver: Because we share the same name.
Me: Valid.

March 12
Driver: Where are we headed?
Me: [address]
Driver: Woah, that’s way out there.
Me: It’s four miles.
Driver: Ya, that’s far.
Me: So where are you from?
Driver: Rhode Island.

March 19
Driver: So I was a tattoo artist.
Me: I wasn’t.
Driver: I can tell. You don’t seem like that type.
Me: Thank you

March 23
Driver: How old are you?
Me: 21
Driver: You graduated college, moved here, and you’re not homeless?
Me: Ya.
Driver: “What are you? Some kind of robot?
Me: Ya.