You ride the bus every morning and end up recognizing people you share this large vehicle with. Then, if you’re me, you make up stories about those people because everyone has a life, everyone has a story, and everyone is different.

Let’s begin.

Sylvia. She is in her early 40’s and works downtown. She has a straight face every morning. Her hair sits barely above her shoulders – it’s like she’s caught in a bad 80’s film. She wears spring colors when it’s winter and winter colors when it’s spring. She has a book in her lap. I can’t tell if she’s reading or sleeping. Her head nods back and fourth, still, I can’t tell if she’s sleeping or not. But every day her book gets closer to finishing. That’s Sylvia.

Gunther and Pam. Gunther looks like he was an amish man in a past life. He’s married to Pam, an asian woman. She makes him open the window on the bus EVERY MORNING. Even when it’s raining. Gunther always has this straw hat on. He is so very kind and sits on the bus and stares blankly at everyone around him. Gunther and Pam are both in their 70’s, and I’m surprised they haven’t retired yet.

Heather. She is in her mid 30’s. The rock on the left ring finger signifies that her husband has quite a sum of money. She boards the bus everyday in a different colored pencil skirt and designer glasses. Her brief case seems like it’s always 2 pounds too heavy, but she manages. I imagine her working as a secretary on the 16th floor on the corner of Montgomery and Pine. Her desk must overlook the sea of people that run around in the FiDi (Financial District).

YingYowMing. She’s asian.

Rufus. He’s an older asian gentleman who looks like he hates his job. He gets on with an annoyed look and leaves with that same look, but intensified. He puts his headphones in, I can only imagine that he’s listening to something completely ridiculous like Katy Perry’s latest album. Maybe that’s why he’s so miserable all the time.

Clem. The bus driver. He’s asian. I fear for my life every time I climb onto that bus. He opens the doors for just enough time to climb in, he closes them the second you’re on. That means, from the time you’re walking from the doors to the time you get to a seat or place to stand, the bus is in full swing and he’s slammed on the breaks at multiple stop signs. I wonder if he’s doing this for his own entertainment.

Jennyfromtheblock. She gets on, prays she gets a seat, and does her makeup. Her Covergirl foundation gets caked on and Maybeline lipstick makes it’s debut daily. I’d like to think that she finds the best deals at H&M, TJMaxx, and Nordstroms – making her a very savvy shopper. She’s probably one of those that finds a designer dress for 75% off. This is a good trait, nonetheless.

Brandon. Or as I like to call him – Brando. He’s in his 20’s. Light brown hair, cut short with a bit of gel in it. His outfits are complete with straight legged jeans and button down shirts. He puts on his headphones, plugs it into his iPhone, and jams to whatever song is playing. Maybe it’s classical music or a it could be hard core rap. Maybe he’s listening to Polka. Brando does what he wants. Oh, and he’s probably an accountant.

That’s all I got, folks. Happy Riding.