Writing In Pen.

I’ve crossed the stage twice.
Both with cap and gown.
Almost four years apart, and I’m still terrified.
I was terrified to start college.
I was terrified to leave college.
I’m still terrified.

I flew to foggy San Francisco.
Adventure by my side.
Getting lost is a daily occurrence.
All the busses look the same.
I own every maps app on my iPhone.
I’m still terrified.

I walked into an internship, pencil in hand.
Pencil because you can erase it, and I was prepared to fail.
As the days passed, I learned to grab a pen.
A pen because it’s permanent, because when I fail, I should fail with confidence.
I walked away from my internship, pen in hand.
Pen because I’m confident, and I’m prepared to fail.
I’m still terrified.

I’ll walk into a job.
Still in foggy San Francisco.
Grasping a pen, because I’m ready.
Maybe I’ll leave with a sharpie.
But, I’ll still be terrified.