New Year, New Commitments #amiright?

What you can expect from the blog this year:

  1. More design-related posts.
  2. Funny Stuff.
  3. More Posts.
  4. Pictures of pugs.

Here’s a mini-update on my life!

January is scary. It’s a new year. I make promises to myself that I wouldn’t normally make. Things like “This year, I’m going to be more outgoing.” or “This year, I will enjoy the present, instead of focus on the future.”  January is especially crazy because I’ll be starting my first official full-time job. You guys may think, “WAIT, WHAT HAS SHE BEEN DOING THE PAST YEAR?” Well, let me answer that for you.

January – August:
Interned at Turner Duckworth (full-time), worked on the most amazing projects and loved the team. I soon realized that something wasn’t clicking with print design. I liked it, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I found out more about product design (UI/UX) and realized that was the world for me.

September – December:
Whitespace. I joined something called Whitespace. It is a design accelerator that transitions visual designers to product designers. While I use a lot of my visual design skills in product design, it’s a pretty different game to play. As I was learning how to do this and that, I was also utilizing my lessons and working at a start-up as a their lone designer. This was fun. This was stressful. This was a great experience. I had never felt more comfortable and uncomfortable designing. I was more confident and I started to actually enjoy things more. Through the program, I also learned what I look for in a company. Whether it was the size, the team, or the culture, I narrowed down a few things I felt that I enjoyed in a workplace. It was all so suddenly clear.

End of November – December:
I became the pickiest person on the planet. I was applying and interviewing at jobs left and right. During my lunch break, during my coffee breaks, after work etc. It was a crazy ride. I liked this company, I liked that company, I thought this company was too small, I didn’t want to be the lone designer etc. While I could’ve accepted just anything, I felt I owed it to myself to be picky. With over 20 interviews in a span of a few weeks, I knew I couldn’t just “settle.” And I didn’t.

January – ?:
I start at Expensify on Monday. Though I haven’t even started yet, I can say with full confidence that I love the team. I spent a day with them interviewing and they were so much fun. Also, the personality of the brand is amazing. They are wonderful, exciting, and hard-workers. They checked everything off my list:

  • At least one other designer (making it a team)
  • 25+ people
  • Culture that I fit into
  • It’s acceptable to nerd-out
  • They eat lunch together, take breaks, and laugh during the workday.
  • Willing to teach me new things
  • CEO I felt comfortable around

Now, the past startups and companies I worked for were all AMAZING. I don’t think I ever had a bad experience. Every CEO or Founder ran their company well. Every team had their unique qualities. Through my journey, I could make a list of things I felt I needed to grow as a young designer. Can’t wait for new adventures this year to accompany my new haircut… 🙂

also, i found out i was part of these lists on twitter. ha. ha. ha.

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