Feel sorry for me

So, I got a bike. Wait, let me explain: I bought my roommate’s old bike. It’s handlebars a bit narrow – making it hard to steer, the seat is so uncomfortable, but the brakes, the brakes are great.

I was feeling really ambitious and rode to 7 blocks to a friend’s house. It was great! Wind in my hair, wheels beneath me, and nothing but a smile on my face.

Then it happened. Remember the handlebars that made it hard to steer? Yeah. Well, then I ran into a parked car.

It was like slow motion. Slowly, my bike went left and I tried so hard to make it turn right. Then, at about .001 miles/hr I ran into the car (no damage was done to the car, lots of damage to my shin)

Luckily, no one was around to see it. It was one of the more embarrassing things I’ve ever done. However, it led me to buy a new bike. And the new one is lovely and perfect and I can steer it.

And to top it off, it’s been about 1 year since I fell off the bus.

I’m really bad at being an adult.

Also, I updated my about me part of my site!