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Someone said to me, “you’re a designer, you should tweet more about design”

You know what I said to that? Sure, I’ll try it. For the past few weeks, I’ve been obnoxious tweeting (more like retweeting) about design because that’s what “designers do” (you’re welcome, just go ahead and hit the unfollow button).

One topic I’ve toyed with is the most frustrating things about design. Some of these are my personal peeves, some are my friends, etc.  Everyone goes through it, and it’s normal. I probably do this to other designers too. Luckily I work in a pretty flexible environment full of people who actually care about design – and even though some of the following might happen, it’s not so bad. The things that top my list are:

  1. Shipping a design you don’t necessarily like, and feeling like you basically failed.
  2. Thinking of what you could have done the day after you submit a project.
  3. Disagreeing with everyone who is not a designer, then losing the battle (which results in number 1).
  4. Hearing things like “that reminds me of…” or “it looks like____”
  5. People who love to [negatively] comment on everything on your screen. IT IS NOT DONE YET. DON’T ASK.

Those are just a few. But you know what, the most frustrating thing about being a designer (in my opinion) is:

People who think all I think, eat, breath is design. And if you’re reading this, please know that while I like design, I also like other things (like guess what, I thought about changing my major to special education my senior year. OMG). I probably won’t stay a designer forever. I talk design 50+hours a week. Outside of that, let’s talk about something else please. If one more person says, ‘LEANNE DID YOU SEE THAT DESIGN. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS. BLAH BLAH BLAH’ on a Saturday while we’re outside at Dolores Park, rather than answering you, I’ll probably just down my beer.

And with that. My mission to tweet more about design more often than not is over. Why? Because, I’ve got a beer to chug, that’s why.