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photoshopping peas and carrots.

Oh hello. I’m surprised you’ve returned. Well, let’s cut to the chase. It’s time for ridiculous-things-that-happen-to-leanne-and-leanne-only. Just kidding. Kind of. Maybe. You’ll never know. This week wasn’t particularly crazy, I don’t think. We… Continue reading

Life Without a Microwave

Howdy, I’m full of new stories. All real life experiences. So I fell… off of a bus. It was one of the more embarrassing moments of my life. No, I wasn’t drunk. Yeah,… Continue reading

Stuck in the 90’s

Another day in the life of Leanne featuring 90’s pop songs. Here’s how it works. Read the blog, play the clip of music, laugh, share it (if you want). Get your popcorn, be… Continue reading

What goes on in your head?

I’m even more tired week 2.  I press snooze so many times that I’m sacrificing major hair stylin’ minutes. The front door of my aunt and uncle’s house is difficult to lock. I… Continue reading

Moment Makers

For most, this week people are nose-deep in textbooks, running on coffee alone, and making educated guesses (picking “C”) on tests.  For myself, it looks a little different.  My hands are covered in… Continue reading

you have permission to not be a world changer.

Hello world, I haven’t blogged in a while, so here’s a little update on my life and some words of advice that I stole from my professor’s speech. Basically every second I get,… Continue reading

Life. It happens.

This is my third update… TODAY (I’m going Brielle style on y’all). I don’t quite know what has gotten into me. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding homework. Don’t tell my mom. We all… Continue reading


Last week Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity to go to the Circles Conference. I was lucky enough to meet many talented people and connect with old friends. The speakers were great… Continue reading


I’m incredibly thankful for the adventures I’ve gotten to experience at ACU.


Relevent magazine published an article with 11 questions every twentysomething should ask. See it here. I’m a twentysomething who is about to answer those questions. *skip down to question 10 and 11 if… Continue reading

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