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Helvetica Ultra Light, 12pt

Someone said to me, “you’re a designer, you should tweet more about design” You know what I said to that? Sure, I’ll try it. For the past few weeks, I’ve been obnoxious tweeting… Continue reading

Vacay in a nutshell.

“Travel the world” they said. And I said, “aight” So, a few weeks ago, I went to Ireland. It was the best of times! I got to see friends and experience a whole… Continue reading

Feel sorry for me

So, I got a bike. Wait, let me explain: I bought my roommate’s old bike. It’s handlebars a bit narrow – making it hard to steer, the seat is so uncomfortable, but the… Continue reading

That’s sick.

I’m just going to take a second to complain about the past two weeks. Go ahead and break out your tiniest of tiny violins and read on. It’s been so beautiful outside. But… Continue reading


New Year, New Commitments #amiright? What you can expect from the blog this year: More design-related posts. Funny Stuff. More Posts. Pictures of pugs. Here’s a mini-update on my life! January is scary.… Continue reading

Writing In Pen.

I’ve crossed the stage twice. Both with cap and gown. Almost four years apart, and I’m still terrified. I was terrified to start college. I was terrified to leave college. I’m still terrified.… Continue reading


You ride the bus every morning and end up recognizing people you share this large vehicle with. Then, if you’re me, you make up stories about those people because everyone has a life,… Continue reading

some call it bad luck, i call it story time.

Apparently the vast majority of things I experience in San Francisco are not of the norm. Sure, it’s a dangerous city sometimes, sure it happens to house some of the weirdest people ever, and sure… Continue reading

Lyft your spirits.

The conversations I have with the Lyft and Uber drivers are amazing. March 3 Driver: It’s Monday. How was your Monday? Me: It was wonderful. I didn’t die on the bus, so that… Continue reading

one year.

I wrote this about 1 year ago. Read. I wrote it with no idea what my life would look like after college. I wrote it just before I went to NYC for a… Continue reading

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