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some call it bad luck, i call it story time.

Apparently the vast majority of things I experience in San Francisco are not of the norm. Sure, it’s a dangerous city sometimes, sure it happens to house some of the weirdest people ever, and sure… Continue reading

Life Without a Microwave

Howdy, I’m full of new stories. All real life experiences. So I fell… off of a bus. It was one of the more embarrassing moments of my life. No, I wasn’t drunk. Yeah,… Continue reading

In Texas…

I find myself saying, “In Texas we…..” a lot. So here’s to Texas. Here’s to San Francisco. Here’s to their differences. In Texas, we wear brown not black. In San Francisco everyone wears… Continue reading

Moment Makers

For most, this week people are nose-deep in textbooks, running on coffee alone, and making educated guesses (picking “C”) on tests.  For myself, it looks a little different.  My hands are covered in… Continue reading

Senior pics!

Hey friends, I got to take some sweet senior pictures tonight for an awesome girl! She was so much fun, gorgeous, and just the coolest senior ever! Check out some of my faves!… Continue reading

Last Semester

In light of my last semester in school, I decided to post a list of things I wanted to do in college that I made in high school. Much of this was based… Continue reading

i’m thinkin’ stripes.

This week I concluded my summer internship.  I had the beautiful opportunity of working with people who were passionate, talented and dedicated.  I couldn’t believe what awesome people I got to be around!… Continue reading

Love God, Love People, and Do Stuff.

Skinny Jeans. V-Necks. Cardigans. Thick-rimmed glasses. Hazelnut Macchiatos. Starbucks. A place cooler than Starbucks, iPhones. Instagram. Twitter. Books. Love Does. Bob Goff. And that, ladies and gentlemen, has been my life for the… Continue reading

A LeBeau Engagement Shoot

So I got to take some awesome pictures of my two friends, Cameron and Ashley!  I stinkin’ love them!

life of a designer.

Starbucks. As a designer sometimes I feel inclined to go to Starbucks far more often then I should. People at Starbucks are tutoring, laughing, dating, crying, stressing, dying, hating, loving, doing, etc. It’s… Continue reading

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